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Save money and make it easy: Rent our Tripod!

If you rent our bassinet stand, all you have to do is return it later. It's sustainable and therewith fits nicely into our philosophy.

In addition to the rent, you pay a deposit (€ 117). If we have received the tripod back in good order, we will refund your deposit within 14 days.

The rental period is up to a max of 32 weeks, but of course you can always return it earlier. However, if you want to use our stand longer or if you send it back too late, the stand will automatically become yours. In such a case the deposit will not be refunded.

Please indicate in the comments when you approximately wish to receive the tripod at home and we will take care of it!

It can be that easy!
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Height: 87 in. Distance between the feet: 51 in. The legs consist of two equal parts of 44,5 in. The tripod is designed to hold max. 66 lbs. Material: unvarnished massive ash wood. Weight: 13 lbs.

Leverans inom 1 vecka efter mottagande av din betalning eller på datum som begärts vid utcheckningen.
Leveranstid, till:
USA/Kanada: 2/3 kontorsdagar.
Asien/Australien: 2/4 kontorsdagar.

NL/BE/GE: 1/2 kontorsdagar
GB/FR/IT/AT/DK: 2/3 kontorsdagar
ES: 3/4 kontorsdagar
NEJ: 4/6 kontorsdagar
SE: 3/7 kontorsdagar

Returer: ångerperioden är 14 dagar från att du mottagit din beställning. Hyrestiden är upp till max 32 veckor. Mer information finns i våra villkor.

  • usp_icon_img1
    dag &
    • Not just for a nap during the day but designed for day and night sleep until the age of about 6 to 9 months.
  • usp_icon_img2
    fjädring &
    & sving
    • The movements of the cradle resemble the motions your baby remembers from the womb.
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    0 - 9
    • This baby bed can be used until the age of about 6 to 9 months.
      Indoors and outdoors.
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    • Our cradles are made using natural materials such as organic cotton, coconut fibres, wool and unpainted wood.
  • usp_icon_img5
    • Easy to adjust ropes for stand-up nursing. Our cradles come complete with an ergonomic mattress.
  • usp_icon_img6
    • The hanging cradle is safe and reliable: we deliver to nurseries and follow the NEN-EN 1130 safety norms for cradles.
  • usp_icon_img7
    • Reduce or stop reflux by easily tilting the cradle slightly.
  • usp_icon_img8
    & planet
    • We produce small scale.
      Mainly in social workplaces.
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    • All products are Dutch Design.
      Fabrics and ropes are handmade.