Hussh hängande vaggor - spjälsängar - bassinets

Hussh hängande vaggor

Vaggor som får ditt barn att sova som . . . sett barn
Hussh upphängda vagga - spjälsängar - bassinets

för en . . .

Hussh baby vaggor - spjälsängar - bassinets - barnstolar

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Du vill ha det bästa för ditt barn.
Sömn är en av de viktigaste sakerna som du kan ge ditt barn under de första månaderna.
Hussh hängande vagga både svingar och studsar:
rörelser som din bebis kommer ihåg från livmodern.
Detta hjälper ditt barn att somna utan några problem.
Ditt barn kan sova dag och natt i vår upphängbara vaggor till det är runt 7 till 9 månader gammalt.
Inomhus och utomhus.

Hussh svängande och studsande vaggor - spjälsängar

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Baby vagga som svänger och studsar

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Hållbara baby vaggor - bassinets - spjälsängar

för människor
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Hallå Andreas

Hello Andreas! I just wanted to write to let you know how much our son loves his cradle. The soft bouncing/rocking motions help him back to sleep often. We're sad that he's going to outgrow it soon but very happy we found your product to use while he was teeny tiny. Thanks again for making such a great product.

Baby vagga som svänger och studsar


Danielle, We've been just loving the cradle; our little Wren has even slept all through the night a few times, something that never happened this early with our other three. Thanks! 

Amy Gerber (USA)

Such a lovely cradle

I bought this cradle for my twins. Having a small bedroom I needed something that would not take a lot of space and at the same time should be comfortable for babies and of good quality. Today my daughters are 3,5 months and they feel well sleeping or having some fun in this nice cradle. All our guests found it exceptional and not ordinary as idea 💡. I am really happy having made this choice. Very good product. I recommend it for sure:) Bien cordialement, 

Adel Guzelian (France)

Alexandra och Barbora

Dear Andreas, we just came home from the hospital and here is the first photo of our girls Alexandra and Barbora in their beautiful cradle sleeping peacefully. Thank you very much.

Tvillingvagga -  Hussh Vaggor
Anna (Slovakia)

New arrival!

Hi Andreas! Here is a video of our new arrival enjoying a nap in her hanging cradle. She sleeps in 3-4 hour segments at night (always) and has been in the cradle since we brought her home from the hospital. She is only 3 weeks old!!! I am convinced that the cradle is responsible for her good sleep and her being a really mellow baby… she isn’t fussy at all! Not only is it functional but it looks great in our home. It’s a real work of art! Thank you Hussh Cradles!! I included a pic of myself and her as well:) Thanks for everything! 

Hussh baby vaggor - spjälsängar - bassinets - barnstolar

Vi gillar det verkligen!

When the weather is as nice as this, we simply hang Mara's cradle in the garden! She's asleep in no time. The breeze puts her to sleep right away. One more thing: the swinging cradle does wonders for cramps. And when she wakes up in the middle of her sleep, she swings herself back to sleep with a yelp. Her cry causes the cradle to rock! Ideal! 

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